Recording sessions

Most of my work is with classical musicians, but I find that all forms of music benefit from the classical engineering ethos, which is principally about choosing a suitable acoustic, rehearsing thoroughly, and capturing the performance in a faithful, non-obstructive manner.

All my recording equipment is chosen with portability in mind, which means that I can set up a studio in virtually any location with a power supply. This is useful for taking advantage of interesting acoustics that differ from the usual, fairly dry sound of a typical recording room. It also allows musicians to record in a location where they are used to rehearsing or performing.

Live recordings

I have recorded many concerts and gigs – most of the credits listed on this site were from live performances. I particularly enjoy mixing these straight to a stereo master, which is a slightly old-fashioned method but one that can provide excellent results for minimal financial outlay because no remixing is required. Copies of the individual tracks are kept as a backup.


I normally mix my own recordings, but I can also join a project at the mixing stage. I usually hire an external facility, which is billed to the client at cost.

Editing and post-production

I am very happy editing or carrying out other post-production tasks, including de-noising and the removal of spurious sound from otherwise-serviceable recordings.